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May 25, 2017

Lawerence Watkins and Jamie Horton join the pod and raise our IQ 60 points!

We discuss the neighborhood we come from, being a token in white spaces, how to operate as an entrepreneur, making mistakes and growing from them, retirement and savings tips, and more!

Alpha Phi Alpha must be proud of these 2 gentleman. Shoutout to all of our ice cold brothas! lol

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Lawerence Watkins:

James Horton:

Music: Smoove Lyrik, Derek Minor, Goodie Mob

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May 15, 2017

Brittagious of The Potluck Podcast and Red of the Banshee's Block and 3,2,1 came through in a big way.

We discussed a lot! Some highlights include their start in podcasting, the importance of the "For Color Nerds" podcast (Brittney Luse and Eric Redding), Black Derby history lesson and a recap of this year's events, and we try help all the gentlemen shadowing their approach to women. We even include an example of a successful attempt!

To quote the great Andre 3000, "When 16 ain't enough". As you know, wee try to keep the shows at an hour. I enjoyed this show so much, I couldn't edit it down, so enjoy some bonus content!

Music: Smoove Lyrik, James Lindsey, Playa, Smoke E. Digglera

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May 8, 2017

WE'RE BACK!!!! Welcome to a new Season of The Why Not Podcast Family!

John & Michelle are our 1st co hosts of the season, and they did GREAT! 

Listen in as we have discussions about relationships/marriage, Ky politics, who Trump voters really are, Should we leave the democratic party behind, & how public vulnerability relates to maturity.

Please visit Michelle's blog @

Music from DMX, B.O.B, Lecree

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Teddy D  

May 5, 2017

While I'm working on the new season of shows, I want to give as much content as I can. Thank you for your patience, I really think you'll enjoy the new direction of the shows.


This is a new show called "Everybody's Got A Story" It's a space where little to no editing is done while someone tells a story, shares a thought, or just opens their heart up to us.


More to come, I hope you enjoy.


Teddy D


#WNP #SYO #LouPod

Apr 13, 2017

Aaron B from the Black Astronauts Podcast is this week's guest host

Baylor shares his thoughts about Pepsi, United Airlines, Sean Spicer's comments, and the San Bernardino shooting



Jan 3, 2017

This episode Ty and I welcome Tony to The Why Not Family! This is his first of hopefully many appearances on the show. 

We end 2016 by talking about violence in the city of Louisville, our growth as men/husbands, sports, and listing our favorite podcasts.

Thank you as always for listening!

Teddy D


Dec 2, 2016

Listen in as Baylor welcomes his first show guests! There's plenty of slander to go around!

Please check out our guest podcasts as well.



The Gee Spot Network

35th & KY Sports Show

The Wrap Up Podcast






Nov 27, 2016

Britton & Ty help welcome Dr. Zeke in The Why Not Family!

We discuss the election, the Alt-Right, and what type of self-care we've been practicing. 

Thank you for your patience these past couple of months. Now that things are settled, more shows are coming your way.



Teddy D

Aug 24, 2016

With a new album on the way, it was the perfect time to have my podcast brother Ceewhy to visit the show.

Things We Discussed:

-Plenty of Fiq Slander

-His journey through college

-Becoming a musician


-His thoughts on podcasting

Check out Ceewhy's music by clicking the link below




Jul 11, 2016

Baylor stops by to give his thoughts on the NBA's top 50 of all time, KD's move to Golden State, and why Robert Horry shouldn't be mentioned with all time greats.

Search for Baylor The Great (BTG) on all social media platforms.


Jun 8, 2016

Baylor The Great stops by to discuss Muhammad Ali, NBA, & Gorilla violence


Search for Baylor The Great on Twitter & IG


Apr 1, 2016

We're proud to announce that BTG is coming to the Why Not family!

Check him out in Vol 1! He breaks down the messy situation with the Lakers.


#SYO #BTG #LongTimeComing

Dec 21, 2015

Long overdue feedback segment! Thank you to everyone who wrote in!

Want to hear 3 old friends have fun behind the mic? We got you! Tracy Clayton from Buzzfeed and Comedian Sean Smith join us in this retro episode.


Teddy D

Happy Holidays Guys!

Nov 8, 2015

Ty from Herbal Blessings LLC and Murph from The 35th & Kentucky Podcast make this one of the funniest shows to date!

We discuss how past mistakes forced us to grow, a great clip from Will Smith's recent interview, and Karem Abdul-Jabbar's recent comments about Michael Jordan



You can reach Ty at

You can reach Murph at




Support you own! 

Thank you again for the love and support!



Teddy D

Oct 21, 2015

Listen in as these men explain how they fell in love with their wives.